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About Us

FIRST HOME HARMONY, INC. was created by Nick Colachis in July 2019. The Company will develop software platforms with algorithms to match individuals for the purpose of buying a home together. There will be three platforms: the platforms will be available on iPhone, Android, and Personal Computer.

Mr. Colachis believes that the American Dream is becoming unattainable because home prices are increasing faster than the salaries of American workers. In addition, college tuition has significantly increased over the past 20 years. College graduates are now burdened by unreasonable student debt from this increased tuition. This excessive student debt makes it very difficult for a college graduate to qualify for a home loan; now and in the future.

First Home Harmony Inc. is in the business of helping people improve their standard of living by enabling them to meet other like-minded individuals to purchase a home together.

We look at every application the same way based on our compatibility guidelines. We factor in credit scores, we look at income history for both wage and self-employed borrowers, and we look at the debt-to-income ratio.

We have professionals from across the real estate spectrum. We can help secure joint financing, choose the right ownership structure, determine roles and responsibilities, establish what happens if circumstances change, and protect against risks that are unique to a joint purchase.

Our Team


Nick Colachis


Nick Colachis graduated from the University of Southern California, Marshal School of Business, Entrepreneur Program in 1981. Mr. Colachis, an experienced ‘start-up” entrepreneur, has created

businesses that have generated revenues of over $100 Million. Mr. Colachis has received a prestigious honor of USC's Entrepreneur of the year for his success in startups.

Patrick Deffenbaugh



A creative problem solver with experience as a marketing executive, creative director, and college professor. The recipient of over 20 international design awards including Gold and Silver in Identity Design from the Art Directors Club, Best in Category / Editorial Design from the One Club, Communications Art Annual Design Awards and the prestigious Clio Award in Packaging Design.


Henry Eshelman


Henry Eshelman has run Eshelman Red Rose, Inc., d/b/a Platform Media Group (PMG) for the past thirteen years. In this position, he looks not only to manage PMG’s corporate practice but also to supervise business development for the company and to help guide the overall business into new service areas and integration with production and media activities. He specializes in public relations, event marketing, and production, branding and brand identity, advertising, branded entertainment, line production. Mr. Eshelman graduated from Duke University.

Gary Levin

Mr. Levin had a long exciting career in the entertainment industry.He was signed to Capitol Records, worked with famous artists and played major concert halls. Mr. Levin also owned a home improvement company with seventy two employees and personally placed over one thousand 2nd position home loans. Mr. Levin has also received five commendations from the City of Los Angeles, the Chief of the Hollywood Police, two Captains, and one Senior Lead Office for helping others.


Board of Advisors

Jim Colachis is the twin brother of Nick Colachis and was a managing partner of Looking Good! Calendars, Vertigo Nightclub, Glam Slam Nightclub, and Highlands Nightclub. He currently works for the Department of Defense as Chief of Contracting for a Defense Agency. Mr. Colachis is an experienced business executive in finance, operations, sales, and marketing. For over thirty years, he has been challenged with managing several enterprises, including building sales teams, designing growth strategies, and leading numerous marketing campaigns.

Jim Colachis

Mr. Welch was an Executive Director of Majestic Dragon Investment Company Limited, a debt and equities investment company focused on liquidity-driven investment strategies, from January 2014 until April 2018. Mr. Welch was the Founder and Managing Director of Emerging Growth Partners, Inc. in the United States from 2000-2014. Emerging Growth Partners was an investment banking and business consulting firm focused on cross border mergers and acquisitions, as well as advisory services to emerging growth enterprises based in Asia seeking US capital market access.


Kevin Welch

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