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Our members are on a mission. Like you, they want to stop paying rent and purchase and own their first home. First Home Harmony matches our members by personality, social behavior, occupation, religious beliefs, credit scores, and many other unique characteristics.

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Stop Paying Rent...

Quality Time

1. Who Are You ?

To ensure quality matches with true compatibility, we ask our members to take the First Home Harmony Compatibility Quiz.


Follow your instincts when answering the questions to give us the best chance at finding your potential investment partners.

2. Matching                        Similarities

The questions are multiple-choice and the quiz only takes around 20 minutes to complete. We ask questions that will identify your goals and needs, focusing on your lifestyle, personality, and financial status. Your answers are how we connect you to other like-minded people who are potential matches to purchase a home together.

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3. Meet Real Estate            and Financial                Advisors

When you are compatible and comfortable with your potential home buying partners it is time to meet our qualified real estate agents and mortgage bankers. First Home Harmony has a team of experts to help you get started.

4. Qualifying for a                  Shared Mortgage Loan

The process of qualifying for a home loan with another person signed on is much the same as it would be otherwise.

Although First Home Harmony is not in the business of giving legal advice, we assist our members entering into home-sharing situations by working with a lawyer to draw up agreements so it’s specifically laid out as to who is responsible for what.

Since it’s imperative to have a plan in place that’s outlined in writing before you move forward with purchasing your home together, First Home Harmony lawyers have a propriety agreement specifically designed for this transaction and your protection. 

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5. View Homes                    & Move In

Select the right house in the right location and then move in and stop paying rent and start building equity.

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